Cupcakes Cupcakes Wedding Cupcake Tower Three cupcake flavors for this wedding! 199843543 Assortment A variety of flavor combos here! 137651024 Cupcake and a Cuppa Even if there is no special occasion, a moist delicious cupcake is the perfect little treat for YOU! Perhaps enjoy a delicious lemon cupcake with a raspberry buttercream swirl and a cup of tea during a quiet moment in your day? By the way, our cupcakes freeze well, so order a dozen for your freezer and have a treat ready in no time. 41355908 Cupcake Tower of sweets! Three flavors of cupcakes give the guests plenty to choose from! 205370364 Tiffany Blue Accented with sugar pearls! 205370365 Bling cupakes Cupcakes with a generous swirl of buttercream sit inside sparkly cupcake wrappers, adorned with a blue fondant bling-y bow! 205533624 Snowflake Cupcake These wintery wedding cupcakes are Midnight Chocolate flavor with vanilla buttercream swirl in the bride's color choice of Cornflower Blue. Accented with pearlized vanilla jimmies and tiny snowflake sprinkes. An edible sugar snowflake tops each one. 67216374 Unicorn cupcakes! Golden liners contain unicorn cupcakes with multicolored buttercream manes and miniature fondant horns! 205533625 Wedding Tower This grand dessert tower is eye catching for a wedding! 200229280 Rainbow cupcakes A happy swirl of buttercream, in the colors of a beautiful rainbow! 205533636 Succulent Cupcakes Gosh! When cupcakes mix with a current trend, the result is a fantastic display of dessert! 205370366