Sugar work Sugar work Sweet Baby Owl This darling little thing was lovingly crafted from fondant to sit atop a Baby Shower cake. We've decided to name her Emma. :-) 202068012 3-D Jungle animals Plump and jungle animals! 198370148 Baby Onsie Cut and crafted from fondant 198370146 Beauty Accessories Everything you might find in a fashionista's handbag...and the pink quilted handbag itself! 198370147 Panda Trio These little pandas were atop a birthday cake, with their bamboo shoots and leaves. Handcrafted from fondant, the largest was 4" long and the smallest was about 1.5". 204435245 Baby Sneakers Hand cut and assembled from gum paste so they'd hardened when drying. These are just about actual size baby shoes! 198370154 Groundhog Day! Top half of a groundhog crafted from fondant for a Feb 2nd birthday cake! 198370152 Plumeria Tropical blooms! 198370153 Summer Garden Flowers A mix of delicate sugar blossoms is vibrant colors! 198370156 Cherry Blossoms Blossoms are gum paste. Dark chocolate fondant tree branches 198370149 Forest Floor accents For one of our birch tree cakes; little mushrooms, leaves and a fiddlehead from the forest floor. 198370150 Totoro! Any fan of the Japanese animated series will recognize this big, furry mythical creature! 198370151 Bride and Groom Everything on the top of this cake was created from fondant. The bride and groom figures were created using photos from the couple. 198370144 Gingerbread Chalet A different type of sugar work, 198370145 Stiletto Pump Another gum paste creation. We created a little fondant baby girl to set into it for a baby shower! 198370155