Cupcakes Cupcakes Wedding Cupcake Tower Three cupcake flavors for this wedding! 199843543 A Variety! This batch was all French Vanilla cake, with buttercream finish. Random designs from fun to fancy! 10644122 Birthday Rose Cupcakes Classic gold cake finished in creamy vanillla buttercream. The birthday girl's cupcake was opposite colors in the center. 13173003 Chocolate Rose Cupcakes Butter recipe yellow cake iced in creamy chocolate Buttercream. A petite Buttercream rose crowns the top. 16894831 A Tower of Wedding Cupcakes Created with two flavors and silky buttercream swirls, these cupcakes were each topped with a tangerine colored fondant daisy. The 6" cutting cake was as well. Displayed on our white cupcake stand that we offer as a rental, and customize with your event colors. 137650167 Pink Sparkle Cupcake A whirl of pink buttercream rests atop our Butter yellow cupcake. Edible pink pearl dust adds just the right amount of sparkle! 16894832 Assortment A variety of flavor combos here! 137651024 Yellow Daisy Cupcake A summer daisy sits on a tasty buttercream swirl. Butter yellow recipe cupcake is moist and delicious! 16894833 Cupcake and a Cuppa Even if there is no special occasion, a moist delicious cupcake is the perfect little treat for YOU! Perhaps enjoy a delicious lemon cupcake with a raspberry buttercream swirl and a cup of tea during a quiet moment in your day? By the way, our cupcakes freeze well, so order a dozen for your freezer and have a treat ready in no time. 41355908 Classic Cupcake Flavors Here is an example of our Classic cupcake flavors. From L to R; Sunny lemon cake that's filled with a layer of pure strawberry preserve, finished in vanilla buttercream and topped with a candied lemon wedge. Next is French vanilla with pink raspberry buttercream. Midnight chocolate with mocha buttercream and topped with a coffee bean. Harvest spice with silky vanilla buttercream. Lastly, golden Butter cake with chocolate buttercrream. 44536742 Snowflake Cupcake These wintery wedding cupcakes are Midnight Chocolate flavor with vanilla buttercream swirl in the bride's color choice of Cornflower Blue. Accented with pearlized vanilla jimmies and tiny snowflake sprinkes. An edible sugar snowflake tops each one. 67216374 Wedding Tower This grand dessert tower is eye catching for a wedding! 200229280