Carved Cakes Carved Cakes Whiskey Bottle Cake This carved design was requested by the cllient for a 21st birthday party. Classic vanilla cake filled and finished with rich buttercream. All detail in buttercream, as well. Cheers! 11479669 Flipflop Sandal Cake What a sure sign of summer! Designed to match the client's party invitations, this flipflop cake is Midnight chocolate on the inside and vanilla buttercream outside. The sandal straps and blue hibiscus flower are handmmolded from fondant, and the cute yellow polkadots are buttercream. 43884514 Florida Retirement Cake A delicious combination of vanilla cake torted and filled with raspberry preserves and silky buttercream. A smooth buttercream finish is the background for map details, well-known areas of Florida, gators and palm trees that accent the cake. 17046651 Pirate's Treasure Chest Cake Argh, Matey! Carved like a treasure chest, with box and lid as separate cakes, this dessert will be a hit with your little scallywags! "Gold coins" and rock candy jewels spill out in abundance over the faux wood finish made from buttercream. 50243666 Purse Cake For a bridal shower, and complete with matching cupcakes, this carved cake is vanilla in and out! Finished in vanilla fondant, with handpainted summery plaid design on both sides, fondant strap, and accented with fondant daisies. 91835193 Lasagna! Garfield would have a field day with this cake! As requested by the client...her brother's fave flavor is Super-Strawberry with strawberry preserve so that's what we used for the inside. The outside needed to look just like a big serving of hot, fresh lasagna, so we ribboned some ivory butterceam and layered it with red buttercream "sauce", shaved white chocolate "grated cheese" and "hamburger crumbles" made from chocolate buttercream containing mini chocolate chips. ~Mangia!~ 95310933 Engagement Ring Box Cake #1 Fragrant vanilla cake is enrobed in red fondant to create this lovely jewelry box cake. Accented by white fondant ribbon and bow on box top, delicate white gum paste roses, an ivory fondant "cushion" with quilted pattern, and of course a big solitaire crystal in a silver ring setting. Perfect for either an engagement party or bridal shower! This was a 10" square layer cake that provides approx. 40 slices. 121254211 Engagment Ring Box Cake #2 Similar to Ring Box cake #1, but colors are different to coordinate with each bride's wedding colors. A fantastic cake design! 133059910 Diaper Bag Cake Diaper bag is 12" high of stacked cake layers, with a fondant finish. Colors were coordinated with Baby Shower event. Baby sneakers, keys, pacifier and bib, as well as accents on bag, were all handcrafted from gum paste and fondant. 198369308 Carved teapot cake All cake, fondant covered. 198369307 Teapot Yes, this is indeed carved from cake! Covered in lilac colored fondant, with gum paste accents. 198369306 Book of Monsters! Fro all you Hogwarts fans out there! 198369309 202068383