Wedding Cakes Wedding Cakes "Jessica" Elegantly dressed in Swiss Dot. Nothing says "wedding white" like the simple loveliness of this design. 199843380 Floral Pillars The four tiers of this elegant cake are brought to new heights with white pillars. Each tier has a different design piped in buttercream. Vribrant fresh flowers are tucked around the pillars and clustered here and there reflect the mood and color of this wedding reception! This was a big cake, yielding approx. 187 slices! (14/12/10/6) 198681886 Birch Slice cake #1 Just love this "nature" look, with the delicate white of birch! 198369537 "Cherry Blossoms" Springtime beauty abounds as delicate gumpaste cherry blossoms grace branches molded from dark chocolate fondant. The blossom centers are dusted with pink pearl dust for a truly realistic look. Rich brown satin ribbon finishes the look. 150757174 "So Very Vintage" This cake was a classic Swiss dot design, accented with ruffled pink roses. The bride used her parents' original cake topper from decades before to give the design a lovely vintage feel! 198369221 Modern Elegance Refreshing lemon cake filled with strawberry preserves, finished in vanilla buttercream. Sangria colored satin ribbon encircles the tiers, while a single showy black flower bloom adds the final touch. An elegant design with a slightly modern flair! 124547450 Black and White Square A cursive monogram and wedding date accent the simple elegance of this cake for our first 2012 wedding couple! Black satin ribbon and a contemporary silver topper add finishing touches. 150757173 "Draping and Roses" Fresh Lemon cake filled and finished with vanilla buttercream. Vanilla fondant is loosely pleated and draped over the tiers, giving the impression of luxurious fabric. Bride and Groom requested less of a formal pleated look; more casual and random. Fresh crimson roses capture the color of the reception. 125664980 Elegant Damask! Canary yellow buttercream really captures the eye! And when paired with a black and white Damask ribbon, you've got a show stopper! The tiers were vanilla cake with Grand Marnier bc filling, and chocolate and vanilla cakes each with raspberry bc filling. 133720928 Black and White Abstract A compilation of chocolate and vanilla layers are filled with silky raspberry buttercream. Abstract black lines of fondant contrast the white buttercream. The bride's lavender roses soften the look just a bit. 119723358 "Daring Dark Chocolate" Wow! This cake catches the eye not for glitz and glamour but for it's dark, rich, decadent chocolate fondant! The White Almond cake was filled chocolate buttercream. White buttercream was piped freehand (no stencil) to create the garland of scrollwork on all tiers; a lovely light accent to compliment the dark color! 136784233 "Mille Pearl" "Mille" means 1,000 in French. But our Mille Pearl cake design is painstakingly decorated with between 3,000-5,000 fondant pearls that pool at the top of each tier then begin their cascade down to the next. The cake takes on a beautiful soft sheen when the lights of a reception venue reflect off all those pearls! 198369223 "Stencil #1" This wedding cake was painstakingly stenciled with navy blue buttercream; the bride chose the design and we loved it too! 198369233 "Pearl Strands" Gracefully looping strands of buttercream pearls access this wedding cake. Elegant! 199843374 Pink and burgundy Square A lovely cake for a summer afternoon! 198369224 Mille Pearl #2 A slightly different version of our famous Mille Pearl design. A beautiful piece of jewelry accented the middle tier! 198369235 Black and White Wedding This four tier cake of white-vanilla is filled and finished with vanilla buttercream. The design details are a widely spaced triple Swiss dot, pearl border and black satin ribbon. 87657198 "Summer Garden" A rare snapshot of me at work, as I'm usually gone by the time even early-bird guests show up at the reception. (I'm a cake ninja!) Photo creds to my intern! 198369234 Four-tier Elegance This cake had a few different patterns to catch your eye from top to bottom. Fresh flowers in luxurious textures and colors brought summer to the reception! 198369538 Four-tier Elegance v.2 A different angle of the cake to show the design. (And a photobomb by my husband who assisted me that day!) 198369536 Artisan Stucco - Square This finish has a charmingly artsy look! 198369230 Multi-patterned cake White with white accents, with contrasting ribbon, this cake is timeless! 198369539 "Octagonal" This wedding cake reflected the bride's desire for a uniquely shaped cake! This could also be considered a carved cake, as we dug into our math knowledge from school to measure and cut the angles just right! 198369666 Winter Branches Unique design request from the engaged couple. A January wedding called for the cake to reflect the gorgeous winter scene invitations they sent out. Silver dragees are the "ice crystals" on the bare branches we piped in buttercream. 198369222 Tiffany Blue Adore this color! 198369229 Celtic Knot cake Green satin ribbon and a handcrafted fondant Celtic Knot symbolize this couple's personality and heritage! 198369226 Christmas Gift wedding cake A few days before Christmas, this cake made its appearance complete with gingerbread b&g! 198369228 Birch Slice cake #2 Birch slice tiers accented with wildflowers, and topped with the cutest pair of b&g moose! 198369231 "Rosette Wedding Cake" Roses aren't just for accents! The bottom tier is completely covered in buttercream rose blooms for a lush look! 198369232 Summer Breeze That's what this cake reminds me of! Refreshing aqua, fragrant summer blooms and a handcrafted wooden topper are delightful! 198369225 Multi-Shaped This stunning confection was all chocolate cake inside and all vanilla buttercream filling and finish. 10" square base tier, topped with 8" and 6" rounds. Silk hydrangea clusters in soft blue are accented with small white silk blossoms and white silk butterflies. A creamy ivory grosgrain ribbon completes the design. 93374458 "Best of Both Worlds" What fun this was to create! Half the cake was finished in white buttercream, while the other half was a chocolate buttercream with glossy chocolate ganache cascading over the edges. Vanilla fondant draping dressed it up for the wedding! The couple's cake topper was placed on after this photo. 199843375 Best of Both Worlds - different angle 199843377 Artisan Spiral This is one example of the designs we create for our Artisan Line of cakes. 199843376 "Brush Embroidery" Love it when a bride chooses something a little this color! The design work is called Brush Embroidery and is created by carefully applying brushwork to buttercream piping. 202068400 "Cornelli Lace" This unique pattern is one continuous piped line that creates this look! Adds a really pretty texture to the tiers! 200713323 Cell phone Romance Even though the topper is a humorous one ;-) the cake itself was lovely and traditional with buttercream flowers as accents. 202068401 Travel Wedding Cake This couple was adventurous! So we asked them for eight of their top destinations and piped them within the design on the bottom eight panels of their octagonal cake! 202068402 Close up of Travel Cake Just two of the eight panels with destinations piped on. 202068403 Roses and Scrollwork A pretty and romantic design, bringing in the reception color by using big fresh flowers. 202068404